DIANA RUBBER TECHNOLOGIES is a family owned industry originally founded in 1992 by John Fanourgakis after 35 years of service as technical manager in one of the biggest rubber Greek industries.Having long experience in rubber he resolved that the keystone of his factory’s strategy should be the consistent quality customer service.
Efficiency and quality remained also the main points of the second generation which undertook the factory in 2006 and manage till today by older son of the founder studied aircraft engineering and after 22 years carreer in shipping, but always under the technical guidance of the founder.Since the time of foundation DIANA specialize and produce technical rubber and plastic matterials for all the types of shipping and industry.

Through the years DIANA goal remain to satisfy the needs of all clients, available to guarantee that products are of the highest quality at competitive prices.Evolution is a fundamental value for factory as well as the research and development of new technologies allows her to work towards continuously improving production processes, product quality and customer satisfaction.The old experience in the field, achieved through the study of problems relating to different rubber uses and their practical solution, allows to be at the customers disposal in order to provide reliable and advanced products both qualitatively and technologically.

DIANA rubber and plastic products are manufactured with 18 compression and 4 injection machines, 2 open mills and 1 internal mixer (bunbury) in area of 5.500 sq.meters located at Aspropyrgos.
Recently the factory grew up its products by specializing also and produce soles for shoes industry and commerce safety shoes as well, taking into serious consideration to serve the clients needs.

DIANA specializes in:

-All types/sizes of MCGREGOR Hatch Covers rubber
-Seat rings for b/fly valves
– Teflon items
-Specific products according to customers drawings.
-Wheels and rolls covering
-Technical items for shipping and industry
-Safety shoes
-Buffers for vessels and docks

more specific produce shipping rubber spare parts,industry rubber items , high qualtiy profiles,silicone items,Teflon items,high standard roll and wheels covering, antivibration rubber mountings,buffers soles for the shoes industry,komplers,pvc items, NBR,SBR etc.DIANA is proud to mention that her regular clients are ELECTRIC ORGANIZATION, TITAN,AGET HERCULES,GREEK STEEL INDUSTRY,MARAN TANKERS,MARAN GAS, CHIAN SPIRIT MARITIME,PETROFIN SHIPMANAGEMENT, GREEK POLICE , CHAMDRIS and many construction co’s.

DIANA offers a range of services that are customized and individually adjusted to its customers’ logic and intentions.
The DIANA team rises to the daily challenge of increasing its know-how and resolving ever new and exciting manufacturing requests.


TEL/FAX:+30210 5590906 / 5590911 AOH +306975853772
EMAIL: rubber-t@otenet.gr